Rates for Justin Acca

Justin is taking bookings for medium – large scale work in both black & grey and colour.
He charges $180 an hour.
If you are interested please email Justin directly, he has his own booking system.
If you are waiting on a reply from a past email, please email again.
Click the image below to see his folio of past work.

NeoTrad Wolf and Cobra and Rose backpiece by Justin Acca

Keep an eye on his instagram – @justinacca –  as it will also be updated with new artwork releases.

Rates & Booking Info for Brendan and Andy

Andrew Timmins Wolf wearing American Indian headress tattoo in Traditional Style


Multiple session tattoos or large tattoos are based on an hourly rate of $160.

Appointments are essential for medium & large work such as half sleeves and full sleeves.
A $100-200 deposit (based on the scale of your tattoo) begins the draw-up process and acts to secure your booking.
All deposits come off the price of your tattoo.

Minimum sits on large ongoing tattoos is 3 hours, please only book in when you have the time for this.
Tattoo designs will be viewed on the day of your tattoo as artwork is drawn up close to the date of the appointment.
For medium/large work, a longer drawing time may be needed and appointments may be in a fortnight or so after booking.

crying heart tattoo by brendan courts


Small/medium tattoos are charged on the piece itself, not on an hourly rate.
You can just walk in and get tattooed on the spot or call ahead on the day for small stuff, time depending.

For small stuff, we can usually get you an appointment within the week.

Cancellations & Rebookings

Please give us 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment or you may lose your deposit.


 Please choose carefully as we don’t refund deposits for change of mind or cancellations.
Our artists begin draw-up as soon as the deposit has been paid and to change your mind
on design or artist means we have to begin again, and another deposit will be required.
No refund given on previous deposits as work has already commenced on the artwork.

Gift Certificates


We have Tattoo Vouchers/Gift Certificates starting at $100 available at the studio.