Please browse our artists folios and select an artist prior to booking.
If you aren’t sure which artist is best for the job please email or text us and we’ll select one for you.

Phone: (03) 9399 2007

Or come into the shop and talk directly to Andy or Brendan, bring in any designs you have been looking at.


Small to medium work may be done on the spot.
Most appointments can be booked within a fortnight.
For large scale work more time is needed to draw up the design.
Justin does his own bookings, please contact him directly via email, his availability can fluctuate.

Opening Hours

11am-6pm ~ Tuesday – Saturday.
Sundays, Mondays & evenings by appointment.


Email us to find a ballpark price, exact pricing is impossible.
If you’re hunting around for the cheapest quote, you probably won’t find it here.
We deliver fine quality that lasts a lifetime, while still being very reasonably priced.


18 Hall Street, Newport, Melbourne, Australia 3015
Directly opposite Newport train station on the Williamstown/Werribee line.
10-15 minute drive from the city, just over the Westgate Bridge.

Gift Certificates

We have Tattoo Vouchers/Gift Certificates starting at $100 available at the studio.

Walk In Tattoos

We do enjoy a walk in tattoo and now have an extra artist on so we should be able to cater for you when instinct calls.
You could try calling on the day to see if there are any spots open.
We have many designs to choose from in prepared sketchbooks, can design something for you real quick, or BYO tattoo ready designs.


Tattooing is not a spectator sport. We have small workspaces and can’t fit spouses or friends in to watch.
It also distracts the artist which makes them work slower which causes a longer session for the client which ends up hurting and costing more.
So please don’t bring your friends. If they must come, there is an art gallery, op shops, antique shops and coffee shops on the other side of the station.
Scienceworks museum is also really interesting and 1 train stop / 2 minute drive up the road.

Age Restrictions

It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even with parental consent.
If you look young, please bring in your ID to avoid disappointment.
An existing tattoo is not classed as “ID”

Guest Artists

 We have space for Guest Artists so may have some fresh art from time to time.
If you are a Tattoo Artist looking for a Guest Spot, get in touch.