Tattoo Aftercare

1. Remove wrap after two hours.
2. Wash tattoo with warm/hot water and antibacterial soap.
3. Pat dry and apply Bepanthen CREAM (not the ointment) 45 minutes after washing.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 each morning and night for 5 – 7 days.

Your tattoo is an open wound, so treat it like one to prevent infection.
Keeping it clean and not scratching it are common sense.
Itching, scabbing, pimples and bumps are normal in the healing process, slap it, don’t scratch it.
Keep unwashed hands off it.

Do NOT soak your tattoo in any form of water until healed. Showers are fine.
Do NOT sun bake or any other form of tanning for one month. Even after your tattoo is healed,
too much sun will fade the colour in your tattoo over time. Use sunscreen.

Picking the scabs from your tattoo while it is healing will cause the colour to fall out. Let the scabs fall off naturally.


Laser Aftercare

Directly after the procedure the ink turns a frosty white.
An antibacterial ointment (Bepanthen) will be applied to the area.
There may be some bruising & blistering, with deeper tattoos pinpoint bleeding is common.
The area may become red or swollen, as if moderately sunburnt.

In the week following, no baths or swimming or sunlight exposure.
Showering is fine but you must keep the skin clean and dry for 5-7 days post treatment and the area must not be scrubbed.
Dry the area with a clean towelette.
Redness, sensitivity & blistering may occur during the healing process.
Keep area clean and covered while healing to prevent infection.
You may apply a clean, dry, sterile dressing, change this regularly.
Scabbing may occur in the healing process. If scabs form, do not pick them.
There may be discolouration and a change in skin texture in the surrounding area, which will gradually improve over a few weeks.